*Because Garageband.com mp3 hosting service has been bought about by Apple's software of the same name, the original Classical Spotlight websites are no longer available.

Instead some artist website links are provided below where you can find some of the original recordings:

John Michel, cello

video performances

Carrie Rehkopf, violin

Kairos String Quartet

Welcome to the Classical Spotlight!

Classical Spotlight, a series of dedicated websites, presents classical masterworks to the world cyber-community. Each website celebrates a famous composer or collection of works. Live performances are included, complete with adrenaline highs, audience enthusiasm and performance energy. Classical Spotlight website addresses are by composer name (http://garageband.com/artist/composer).

Composer Spotlight
BACH garageband.com/artist/bach
BEETHOVEN garageband.com/artist/beethoven
BRAHMS garageband.com/artist/brahms
CHOPIN garageband.com/artist/chopin
DEBUSSY garageband.com/artist/debussy
HAYDN garageband.com/artist/haydn
MENDELSSOHN garageband.com/artist/mendelssohn
MOZART garageband.com/artist/mozart
SCHUBERT garageband.com/artist/schubert
SCHUMANN garageband.com/artist/schumann


ニューバランス 人気

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John Michel cello



Carrie Rehkopf violin garageband.com/artist/violinist  
Kairos Quartet string quartet garageband.com/artist/kairos
Maria Newman composer, violin, viola, piano garageband.com/artist/newman  
Lisa Bergman piano, harpsichord garageband.com/artist/cello  

レイバン サングラス 人気














Special Websites

WEDDING MUSIC garageband.com/artist/wedding
ENCORE garageband.com/artist/encore
CHRISTMAS MUSIC garageband.com/artist/christmasmusic
INTERNET CELLO SOCIETY garageband.com/artist/ics
CWU: MUSIC CENTRAL garageband.com/artist/cwu

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